Steel Storm 2 dev blog

Blizzard sweeping through in Steel Storm 2

Weather wizard doing his thing ;) 

Quick update on Steel Storm 2 development progress

moving to idTech 4 GPL progress

Finally, I got Steel Storm 2 base code running using idTech 4 GPL (Doom 3 engine) !

Someone asked for third person view and I am not sure we will allow that in FPS mode. I personally don’t like TPS view in FPS games. Also level design for TPS games is quite differ from level design for FPS games. We will try adding TPS cam to the vehicles, but can’t promise that either (although that’s a possibility).

Will you please include a 3rd person point-of-view as well? I like action games, but first-person makes me feel claustrophobic.

This isn’t tank game like the first game, and third person cam requires collision and behavior coding, which currently isn’t within the scope of the game. That being said, I will keep it in mind, but not promising anything.

Ink shader is tough, but we are tougher

The ink shader has proven to be difficult. Nevertheless, it’s improving. It’s not quite there yet, but glsl guru, who is helping me with it, figured out a way to achieve what I am after (which will take some engine modifications down the road).

For now, we got renderer to ink terrain properly and ink edges of the geometry where they are suppose to be inked.

AI is in works too (which is a royal p.i.t.a. in a way already due to framegroups based animations). So once the renderer is displaying what I need and AI is working, the rest of work is in tweaks and content creation (level design will consume a major chunk of the dev cycle).

Yet another development video! Having fun with ODE physics :)

Plasma Flintlock is officially almost done! Just need to add sounds and color hands that holding it :)

Plasma cartridge ejection coding completed!

Got reloading done. Still need to add muzzleflash, ejecting plasma cartridge and do some small tune-ups mixing idling anims.